List of abbreviations
GSA. Index to the papers of Julius von Pflugk Harttung
Unlocated manuscript sources
Index to the Van Löben Sels papers
Index to the unpublished manuscript of Volume II of the Etudes relatives à la campagne de 1815, by W.Aerts


The mission of colonel Von Pfuel
The Saxon rebellion
The supply situation
General outline of the definitive allied invasion plan into France.
Historiography of the meeting at Tirlemont.
April - June: allied intelligence.

15th of June.
Major general Napier on Wellington and Von Dörnberg
The guest list of the ball of Richmond
The ball of Richmond
The Prussian and French casualties
The chateau Puissant
Wellington's head-quarters at Brussels

16th of June.

The windmill of Naveau
The casualties
Detailed casualty lists of the Prussian army
The communication between Wellington and Blücher during the battles of Ligny and Quatre Bras
Lieutenant general Girard after the 16th of June 1815
Explanation to Von Bülow's disposition of the 15th of June
Projection: a theory of the French activities on the 15th and 16th of June
The meeting of Wellington and the Prussian general staff at Bussy.
The death of the duke of Brunswick.
The mission of colonel Belly de Bussy

17th of June.
Le Caillou
Bodenghien's inn at Waterloo
The village of Waterloo
The farm of Chantelet

18th of June.
La Belle Alliance
The hamlet and farm of Mont Saint Jean
The farm of La Haye Sainte
The farms of Papelotte and La Haye
The chateau of Fichermont
The hour at which the battle of Waterloo started
The chateau of La Bavette
The death of Sir Alexander Gordon
The death of Sir William De Lancey
The meeting of Wellington and Blücher on the evening of the 18th of June
The positions of Wellington during the battle of Waterloo
Hanoverian issues
The mission of colonel Marbot
A case of confusion
The injury of the prince of Orange
The 1st French corps at Waterloo in its first attack
Waterloo: the spoils of war
General Cambronne is taken prisoner
The general advance of Wellington's army
British controversy: the attack of the imperial guard and the allied pursuit
Walhain and Hollertt: a question of identities
The authenticity of the order of Napoleon to Grouchy dated 1 p.m.
Von Müffling's role in the campaign.
The death of Sir William Ponsonby
The royal sappers and miners during the campaign.

19th and 20th of June.
Grouchy's reports to Napoleon dated 19th and 20th of June
Grouchy's defence



Les "petits Cent jours" - Louis XVIII at Ghent.